• “Lately, I’ve been trying to be optimistic and have a lot of ‘fighting’ spirit. I think people need to be optimistic and full of ‘fighting’ spirit. You can’t be depressed all the time.”

    951013 Happy Birthday to our precious, Park Jimin! #BTSCHIMCHIMDAY

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  • @Tony_Jones: Happy B-Day to my little bro ChimChim, hope @BTS_twt got you something nice! Keep dream chasing…

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    D-3 » [My First Anniversary as an ARMY] #BTSchimchimDay

    Happy birthday to my bae~ I love you <3 Yes, you are my bias but then what is a bias if you're an ARMY?  and I'm sorry because I have denied it at first. Always remember that you are loved by the people around you. Never downgrade yourself; you have lots in you and be confident about that. Even if Rap Monster said that you got no jams, NO hun, look at you U GOT ALL THE JAMS.

    Continue to share to the world your dreams and we'll be the wind beneath your wings. x
    P.S. See you soon (i wish) :*

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  • Happy Birthday Park Jimin || 13 October 1995

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    방탄소년단 // Park Jimin // 951013
    Today’s your special day, Jimin! I hope you’re enjoying your birthday well. Remember to always smile, and never forget that us ARMYs will always be by your side, supporting you no matter what. 사랑해 ♡

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  • Happy Birthday Park Jimin! Words cannot describe how much I love you. Thank you for being you.

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  • #ChimChimHappybday

    Happy 19th/20th Birthday little Jiminnie! 

    I hope you have an amazing birthday and just know we all love you so much! (cr.)

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  • Happy birthday to our charming practice bug, Jimin. I’m so happy & proud that you never gave up.

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  • Suga’s letter to Jimin:
    Hi Jimin-ah, it’s Yoongi hyung Jiminnie who was a practice bug* since [our] trainee days. Please don’t practice on your birthday and just rest haha. Jiminnie who is always working hard and growing. You’ve improved so much and I believe that you will continue to improve. If you continue to work this hard, there is no doubt that you will become a cooler singer Jimin. Thank you for always working hard and I love you.
    - From. Suga Suga Min Suga hyung - ©

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